Low Cost Line Rental

Avanchi are now pleased to offer our customers our new low cost landline and broadband service. Simply pay for what you want and not what your phone company thinks you want! If you don't use your landline much - why pay for inclusive call minutes, 1571 voicemail, and those other things like 3 way calling you never use! And with Avanchi you'll save at least 17.5% over BT's small business price.


Avanchi is the ideal way to get your business landline rental for just £10.95 a month + VAT and your 'up to 24Mb download speed' broadband for just £17.95 a month + VAT. So that's broadband and line rental for just £28.90 a month + VAT. And there's only a 12 month minimum contract term, not 18 or 24 months like other suppliers. Our broadband comes with a static IP address, but we're afraid you don't get a 'free' wireless router. However, we'll certainly show you how to change the settings on your existing router to enable you to get Avanchi's most excellent broadband ADSL2+!

Low Cost Call Rates

Avanchi Telecom can also transfer your existing number from any network. And of course, if you want to use the phone in the good old fashioned way, then our call charges are some of the lowest, with low minimum call charges and low UK and international rates, all with easy to use on-line billing.See here for rates.

Call Us Now! Call Avanchi on 0843 2247 311 and speak to one of our broadband and line rental specialists. Transfers can be arranged over the phone, and takes just a few days to complete once you or we have obtained a MAC number to facilitate the transfer of your line to Avanchi Telecom! Or you can easily just Click Here to order your services on line.