Inbound Call Routing

As an accredited C&W/KCOM Partner Avanchi can handle all your Inbound Call Traffic with ease. From a simple number translation to a complicated multi menu system with call recording and full diversion, it's all achievable using our state of the art IN Platform and switch.


Revenue Share is the ideal way to monetize your Inbound Customer Service. With payouts ranging from 2ppm+VAT for an inbound 0843 number up to 31ppm+VAT for an 0906 51ppm retail premium rate number, you could end up making your Finance Director very happy! Of course, these payouts come with no additional charges for number management, Intelligent Routing and distribution to UK DDI's. With Avanchi it's all included, even down to the comprehensive near real time stats.


We are a PhonePayPlus Service Provider so we are more than happy to help you out on all matters regulatory.

Complicated IVR?

Avanchi's IVR platform can handle up to 10,000,000 minutes per month on a Tier 1 carrier basis. You can build and design multi level menus with individual level call distribution to any destination at any time of the day or night or even to voicemail if you require. Live Queues can be organised with comfort music and messages.

Call Us Now! Call Avanchi on 0843 2247 311 and speak to one of our IN Specialists. What they don't know about call routing is not worth writing down! And as an Avanchi Customer the advice and help is always free! We want you to maximise the use of your Inbound Numbers to earn you revenue!