Business Conference Calls


The Quick and Easy Way to get in touch!

Scrimshaws Telecom have an easy to use facility to enable you to run crystal clear quality conference calls with up to 30 participants at any one time, and all it costs you is the cost of a UK 0844 call. (Currently 5ppm from BT landlines).

All you have to do is enter your email address (personal or corporate) into the form below, and we will allocate you a unique 'Room Number' which is yours for all time.
Then you just tell your fellow conference participants to dial:
0844 41 71 700
and at the prompt to enter your 'Room Number'. That's all there is to it! Talk for as long as you like, each new participant will be voice greeted and announced by Mildred our Conference Room Host as they join the conference. Easy to set up and use - no booking 'conference room time' with a booking system - no entering up of any type of billing details!

To get your Room Number just enter a valid email address

Your Email:
If you enter your mobile number we'll send you a free text with your 'Room Details':