118 Directory Services

Call Sid's 118 services are now live on all UK networks with the exception of O2 and Virgin Media. These should be live shortly.

118215 Call Sid UK is the number for any information in the UK. So if it's a pizza in Paisley or a taxi in Troon, then Call Sid for the info. We also have access to cinema times, travel information and weather forecasts. Onward connection and a text to your mobile are also available on this service. Calls cost 80p plus 19p per minute from BT landline. Costs from other networks and mobiles may vary.

Call Sid Worldwide

118361 Call Sid Worldwide is the service for a number in any country in the world outside the UK. We have a database covering 117 countries at the moment and are adding further countries all the time. Onward connection is available to certain countries worldwide. If we can't find the number there and then from the info you provide, we promise to call you back as soon as we have found it at no extra charge. This applies to business listings only.

Alarm Calls are available on this service at no extra cost other than the cost of your call to us. Up until now it has not been possible to get a live operator wake up call to a mobile phone and also to a number of non-BT networks. Well Sid can make sure you get that important 'wake-up call' 24 hours a day! Calls to this service are charged at 150p per call plus 2p per second. Calls from mobiles and non-BT networks may vary.

118662 Call Sid UK Mobile is a specialist service for mobile users wanting an automatic text and/or onward connection to any UK number (non-premium rate). Calls to this service are charged at 60p per call and 40p per minute from BT landlines. Costs from mobiles and non-BT landlines may vary.